Today, conserving energy has assumed a significant role in not only reducing the cost of energy as an input as well as from the perspective of ecology. Further, with sizeable improvement in computing technology, energy back up has assumed great significance. In this context, adopting good quality battery back has become important.

Today, the high-quality solar battery has been developed by Chinese players such as Li Power (Shenzhen). The company leads China battery boxes manufacturer in China as well as overseas.

Products made by the company

The company makes diverse power backup units. These include battery box, lithium portable power station, outdoor folding solar pane, pure sine wave inverter, DCDC MPPT solar charger, Custom Battery Box and customized power cable kit.

Li power

Located in Shenzhen, China, the company has been in the business of manufacturing quality power units for over a decade. The core team of the company has gained experience in the outdoor field as such.

Li Power makes outdoor AC/DC battery box, foldable solar panels, lithium battery, pure sine inverter, solar blanket, and more. Further, the company can also offer customized solutions for customers from across the globe.

Li Power – your best option for outdoor battery box solution19 Your-Best-China-Outdoor-Battery-Box-Suppliers-For-Your-Market-LI-POWER

Li Power has gained skills in product development and sales of outdoor p[ower technology and products over the period.

The core team of the company is engaged consistently in learning and adopting outdoor power supply technology and the demand from regions like the United States, Europe, and Australia.

Customers are the best source of inspiration

With customers’ close support and suggestions, advice and the like, Li Power keeps on moving ahead in developing, adopt innovative ideas, new technology, and new energy as the potent factors to make the company high pr. To get reliable, professional and efficient custom solutions, the company seeks advice from their customers from their customers.

Li Power factories

Li Power has worked in the domain of manufacturing lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries for over three decades. The company has more than a decade of experience in making solar products.

The company runes two factories:

Battery factory

The battery factory is located in Qingyuan, Guangdong. Spread across 800 acres with a yearly turn of 13 million of KVAH, the battery factory can meet industrial battery needs of different sectors of the economy and is known for the quality of the service and reasonable prices.

Solar panel factory

The solar panel factory is situated in Wenzhou, Zhejiang. Spread in close to 10,000 square meters, the factory has excellent technical advantages on solar folding panels, semi-flexible solar panels, and solar blankets and semi-flexible solar panels.

The company owns a solar panel factory that is among the best not only in China but across the county as well as over the


Today, Li Power operates in different parts of China according to the domain of experience industry and according to the diverse advantages of different regions in China. Li Power leverages resources and brings out the maximum efficiency from a given production capacity based in the delta of the Pearl River.

By planning well, and executing efficiently, Li Power endeavors to offer the best solution in the form of the custom battery box and other products as per customer’s requirement.


If you’re planning to start a business in the outdoor battery box or related products, remember to choose Li Power thanks to their best quality products and customer support services. You can contact them by email.