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Manufacturer of Independent Power System

LICITTI is committed to research, develop and manufacture distinctive battery and power products.

About Us

LICITTI is an independent power solution provider integrating research & development, manufacture. Committed to creating amazing and innovative power products and systems with plug & play design, easy & enjoy concept.

No need for fancy appearance or complicated technology, but the ultimate exploration and pursuit of innovative and practical products.

Products cover in-vehicle power, off-grid solar energy, backup power, commercial and leisure, portable power products and power systems.

LICITTI successfully developed the first product-Battery Box in 2018. For 6 years, based on its practical and pragmatic advanced design and functions, we have been receiving unanimous praise, and it has become one of most important gears for the life of outdoor.

More and more unique products and systems meet the diverse needs of the market. Always accompanying with power demand of customers, enhancing technology and experience, leading the segment market forward.

“Meeting Needs” and “Continuous Innovation” are LICITTI long-term mission!

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The founder of Li Power firstly started to work in the lead-acid battery industry in 2003, and was one of the earliest pioneers in the power supply industry in Shenzhen.

Since 2010, the company founder fully realized that the traditional extensive battery manufacturing and sales have been unable to meet the demands of the market.

In addition, with the booming development of the Internet, information circulation is more efficient and transparent. Only the refined, professional and systematic product solutions can meet the market demand better, and enable enterprises to develop better.

Trough several years of exploration, the outdoor power field is identified as the company’s main business for future development, and it is continuously expanded and strengthened. In order to better serve the vast domestic and foreign markets, Li Power operated born.

At present, based on years of industry experience and the advantage of distribution of different in different regions in China, Li Power integrates resources and maximizes efficiency to form a production capacity distribution centered in the Pearl river delta and assisted by Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions.

Li Power focuses on the development and production of lead-acid battery, lithium battery and other energy storage products in the Pearl river delta;

Concentrating photovoltaic products in Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions. Through efficient planning, we combine superior products and provide professional outdoor power system solutions for customers at home and abroad.

Corporate Vision



Open and innovative, create efficient and reliable outdoor power supply solutions for users.

Brand Signification

Open and inclusive, Learning and enterprising, Solidarity and mutual assistance, Continuous innovation.

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