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LICITTI is committed to research, develop and manufacture distinctive battery and power products.

LI POWER® - Outdoor Power System China Supplier

Li power (Shenzhen) technology co., Ltd. locate in Shenzhen, with more than 15 years’ experience in outdoor power field.

We produce outdoor DC/AC battery box, lithium battery, foldable solar panel, solar blanket, pure sine inverter and MPPT controller etc.

We can provide customized product solutions for customers from all over the world.

outdoor power Product Categories

Portable outdoor power box

Battery Box

Turning a battery into a portable power station, plug & play, dual battery setup.

AGM Portable outdoor power box

AGM Portable Power Station

The first AGM battery power station with 1200w inverter, powerful & durable.

LICITTI Portable outdoor power box1

Lithium Portable Power Station

All in one, having 1200w inverter and MPPT controller built-in, wide capacity available from 80Ah to 200Ah.


Outdoor Folding Solar Panel

Super thin folding solar panel with high efficiency MONO cells, coved by ETFE film.


Pure Sine Wave Inverter, MPPT Controller

Advanced sine wave modulation technology & MPPT technology for off-grid system and solar energy.


Customized Power Cable Kit

Professional customization of outdoor power supply cable kits meets different needs.


LifePO4 Battery

Long service life LiFePO4 battery with smart BMS, multi-protections, strong charge and discharge performance.


DC-DC MPPT Solar Charging

The best choice for dual battery setup with MPPT solar charging function.


2500W Lithium Power Station

All in one solution with max 2500w inverter & 30A/40A MPPT solar charger built-in. The most powerful portable power station.


Cyberbox 3000 Portable Power Station

CYBERBOX 3000 is a new generation portable power station, which integrates with 40A DC-DC MPPT solar charger

Your Reliable Outdoor Power Solution Partner in China

Li Power has more than 30 years of experience in the production and manufacture of lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries, and more than 10 years of experience in the manufacture of solar products.


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