Located in Shenzhen, China, Li power Technology is dedicated to the development, production, and sales of high-quality outdoor power technology and products. Li Power has been supplying products to many countries around the globe for over ten years. Their products include; pure sine wave inverter, solar blanket, super large capacity portable outdoor power system, outdoor lithium battery, etc. Li Power keeps progressing, developing, and taking a new interest, new technology, and new energy in China solar battery box.

Outdoor Folding Solar Panel

These panels are quite different from conventional ones installed on the roofs of buildings or elsewhere because they can be put to a variety of various applications. These panels can easily be carried when you go out on trips to places where power supply is a major issue. Most people buy foldable solar panels to power a variety of devices for camping trips. They are also very often bought by owners of RVs and caravans because they have a whole lot of appliances such as refrigerators, television, etc. that are powered by electricity.

Panels are also used to charge laptops and cell phones when the regular power supply is not available. They are simple to use, transport, and store. These panels can be folded easily, and you can pack them away when not in use. They are very durable and do not get damaged easily. Li Power has specific designs which will keep working even if a couple of cells are damaged.

DCDC MPPT Solar chargers17 Where-To-Find-Quality-Outdoor-Solar-Battery-Box-Suppliers-in-China-LI-Power

These portable battery chargers are convenient since they are light and might even be carried to the office or camping. They are excellent whereas traveling or whereas tenting in the forest, and they come with a dual input from alternator and solar panel. They are cost savers since they scale back the quantity of electrical energy used and thus a discount on the bills. One of the best things is that Li Power has built-in automatic temperature and voltage compensated battery charging. DCDC MPPT Solar Charger could keep the charging with a steady output in this state, to ensure your battery getting a fully charging in the quickest time.


Having a portable power station is one of the best investments you can make whether you live in a region with regular blackouts or enjoy taking to the great outdoors on the weekend. Not only do they offer a reliable source of power with USB outlet, AC inputs but their capacity to be easily transported enables them to go anywhere. Li Power, outdoor battery box suppliers, have a variety of portable power stations which are great for power outages, extended camping trips, and other circumstances where you require lots of power on the go.

Lithium portable power station

It is a portable lithium battery which is vehicle-mounted portable, safe, and stable. This power bank features AC/DC output, 2 USB 4 pcs of Anderson plugs, and 2 female cigarettes lighter sockets. It has Ultra-high-capacity range, from 80AH to 180AH capacity, to meet various demands. The item comes with a built-in 300W/500W/1000W pure wave inverter.

AGM portable power station

Thanks to the built-in VSR, on-board charging, charging at any time to protect the car battery. As for the output, there are more than three traditional options that Li Power offers. Other than USB, DC, AC, outlets, the power station comes with a 12V DC Anderson plug outlet. It comes with a built-in 300W/500W/1000W pure wave inverter.


Outdoor adventurers and campers and hikers are buying potable power station and solar gear because they realize the importance of these produces when on outdoor activities. Since some are utilizing solar energy, they can be eco-friendly and still get portable power. If you are considering getting outdoor batteries, visit the leading plastic battery box suppliers, Li Power’s website, and get quality products from them, plus their products and affordable.