Li power Technology Company is one of the best China power box suppliers. The battery box which is manufactured by this company can be used for;

-Outdoor camping

-Backup source supply for vehicles


-Emergency power supply

-Industrial off-grid system

-The home off-grid photovoltaic system, among other uses.

Features of the battery box12 Where-to-find-quality-lithium-battery-box-suppliers

The battery box manufactured by LI power Technology Company has various features such as;

• It has multiple power ports which include 2* cigarette lighter sockets,1*AC output,4*50A Anderson plugs,1*175A Anderson plugs among others

• The battery has a strong ABS case.

• The battery can bear a maximum load of 77.16lb(35kg).

• The battery box contains either 50A fuse cable or 50A breakers.

• The battery also contains two strong straps that are used to hold down the battery inside and the battery box.

• The battery box also contains a built-in pure sine wave inverter of 100W

• The battery box has a multi-functional display

• The battery box might also contain a voltage-sensitive relay or a DCDC MPPT solar charger

Advantages of the battery box

I. The battery box is compatible with other charging modes such as solar charging, municipal charging, and car charging.

II. This type of battery box suits all type of batteries including lith3 battery boxium battery.

III. The battery box has rich interfaces, plug and play and full coverage of both DC and AC.

IV. The battery box is made of fireproof ABS.

V. The battery box can bear up to 35 kg of heavy load.

VI. The battery box is highly customized.

VII. The battery box is also easy to install, portable, and easy to carry around.

VIII. It provides a multi-functional display which enables one to know the status of the battery and that of the power supply.

IX. The camping battery box has a one year warranty.

Lithium battery box, in general, have various advantages such as;

1. They are durable-Lithium battery box provides a longer life as opposed to the lead-acid batteries. According to research, most lithium battery box last for over five years, as opposed to the lead-acid batteries whose life span, is two years.

2. The batteries are fast and efficient-This type of batteries have both a high rate of charging and discharging. This enables them to minimize downtime and ensure a full burst of power. The batteries discharge rate is lower, thus enabling the battery to retain charging for a longer time. This type of batteries tends to retain charging even if the device is stored or not installed.

3. The batteries are light in weight, thus making them more flexible and easy to install as compared to other rechargeable batteries.

4. The batteries have high energy density; thus, the batteries can store more energy than other batteries.

5. The batteries also operate in high voltage, meaning that one can use a single cell instead of using multiple cells.

The lithium battery box is thus suitable because of the various mentioned features and advantages. With the main ones being that the battery box can retain current for a long time, it has high voltage; it can bear a load of up to 35kgs, and it is light in weight.