10 Whats-the-use-of-Lithium-Portable-Power-Station

What’s the use of Lithium Portable Power Station?


Lithium technology has become more popular over the years due to the advantages that come in hand with the use of electronic products using lithium power. This technology is mostly in rechargeable products in the market such as mobile phones, laptops, vehicles, and tablets. This is because the lithium power products are lightweight, reliable, and offer efficient capacity. Most of all, by the use of Battery Management System, lithium batteries are safer than ever before. Below is a full explanation about lithium power technology and the best providers for this portable power marketing. Below is a description of one of the best and reliable Lithium power Stations.

About Li Power Technology Co. Ltd10 Whats-the-use-of-Lithium-Portable-Power-Station

For the best outdoor power technology and products, think no further than Li Power Technology Company Limited. It is located in Shenzhen in China and produces and sales reliable outdoor power with high efficiency, power, and long-term service life. The company has a 10-year experience rendering the best outdoor power services to the world with the greatest demands from American, Australian and European market.

Below are some of the products offered by Li Power Co. Ltd with their features.

Lithium Portable Power Station

This product-service offers the best vehicle-portable that is safe and stable. It is equipped with the following as shown below.

Features of the Lithium Portable Power Station

1. An Ultra-high capacity ranging from 80 AH – 180 AH which meets most demands.

2. An Alternating Current and Direct Current (AC/DC) output with an Anderson plug output of 12V DC. It also has an output ranging between 110V to 220V with a pure wave inverter of built-in 300W, 500W, and 1000W.

3. Has a rich interface with two female cigarette lighter sockets, two USB ports, and a 4 piece Anderson pug.

4. It also has plenty of safety configurations, this includes a built-in circuit breaker of 50A, an AC output switch, main power switch and an integrated multi-function display.

5. A built-in VSR and an on-board charging that charges at any time protecting the car battery.

6. A strong, durable and aesthetic ABS shell.

Battery Box

For out-door camping, backup power supply for vehicle-mounted batteries, industrial off-grid system, boat cruisers/yachts, and other emergency power supply, Li Power Technology Co. Ltd got you covered. This comes with a 1-year warranty for all battery boxes.

Features of the Battery Box

1. Has a maximum bear load of up to 35.00kg (77.16lbs)

2. The battery is also extremely customized for full utilization

3. A strong and durable ABS and a fireproof ABS is also available

4. A multi-function display control that efficiently tells you the status of the battery

5. The battery box is light hence easy to carry and install

6. Has a rich interface of multiple ports, that is, four 50A Anderson plugs, 2 cigarette lighter sockets, 2 USB ports, 1 AC output and 1 Anderson plug of 175 A

7. Two hold-down straps that are extremely strong, on for the inner battery and the other one for the battery box

8. A 50 A fuse cable and a circuit breaker of 50 A

9. A pure sine wave inverter that is built-in with 1000W – optional

10. A DCDC MPPT solar charger and a Voltage Sensitive Relay – optional

The battery box is compatible with most charging modes such as municipal charging, solar charging, and car charging. It also suits all kinds of batteries including lithium battery.

Solar Power Station

Li Power provides exceptional monocrystalline cells and sun-power cells that are of high efficiency for photoelectric conversion. The product quality guarantee is of 10 years and a 25-year guarantee of linear power. The panels are of strengthened aluminum alloy with woven borders. It is resistant to corrosion, wear, and radiation-resistant with long life. It also has a PWN controller and an integrated MPPT. It also has a plug and play that is highly convenient. The solar panel supports 300W with flexible customization. The provision of the set is with the full accessories hence ready for use and saves up the extra cost.

Features of the Solar Folding Products

1. Has a high-energy conversion of about 60% as opposed to traditional silicon solar panels. The sun-power solar panels are purchased from the united states thus are not produced locally

2. Has a controller installed on each back of the panel that is either PWM or MPPT based on the type of demand

3. Its frame and bracket is strengthened and firmly fixed

4. The panels are waterproof and anti-UV with a longer life span of above 10 years

5. Has up to 9 smart protection, that is, short circuit protection, overvoltage protection, overpower protection, overcurrent protection, temperature protection, overcharge protection, overload protection, electrostatic protection, and lastly reverse protection. This offers a longer life span and prevents any accidents that might occur

6. Has a safe, portable and quality handbag

7. It is relatively easy to install and use

The folding panel glass has a warranty of 3 years while the solar blanket and flexible solar panel have a 1-year warranty.

Lithium Power Pack

This is a lithium battery product that offers up to 70% energy saving in volume and weight as opposed to the traditional lead-acid batteries. They have an ultra-fast charging and discharging with very high efficiency and thrice the charging cycles compared to lead-acid batteries which translate to about 1500 full cycles. The batteries are in wide ranges to suit almost all devices and applications. The lithium power pack series is available from the largest pack which is 300Ah STD 12V downwards to 300 Ah compact 12V, 300 Ah slim 12V, 200 Ah compact 12V, 200 Ah slim 12V, 200 Ah STD 24V, 200 Ah STD 12v, to the least park series which is 100 Ah slim 12V. All of these parks are available in different sizes and thickness to fit the demand for your application.

ConclusionU Power

For all of your outdoor needs that require any amount of power or an industry that requires an off-grid system, do not hesitate to inquire from Li Power Technology Co. Ltd and be rest assured that all your demands and needs shall be taken care off to the fullest at an exceptional professional level.

Tell: +86-755-21076347

Mobile: +86-13632647891

Skype: jack-lin1986

EMAIL: Sales@lipowertech.com

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