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AGM PORTABLE POWER STATION, vehicle-mounted portable, safe and stable, Features as follows:

  • High capacity range, from 80AH to 120AH capacity, to meet various demands;
  • AC/DC output, 12V DC Anderson plug output, 110V or 220V output(built-in 300W/500W/1000W pure wave inverter);
  • Rich interface, 2 USB, 2 female cigarette lighter sockets, 4 pcs of Anderson plugs, 1 pc of 175A * Anderson plug, 1 pc of AC output socket;
  • Abundant safety configuration, built-in 50A circuit breaker, main power switch, AC output switch, Multi-function integrated display;
  • Built-in VSR, on-board charging, charging at any time to protect the car battery;
  • Strong ABS shell, durable and good looking


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