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DC CONTROL BOX is a external DC 12V/24V control system with multiple DC outlets for DC appliances. Connecting DC CONTROL BOX with 12V/24V battery directly is the simplest way to be a DC power station.

  • Multiple DC Output
  • PortsMulticolor voltage display
  • Make Remote Charging& Discharging Easy
  • Compact Size,Perfect for Outdoor
  • Back Slide Design
  • Easy to Connect
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LI-DC1 Description

Multiple DC Output Ports

DC control box can charge up to 13 different devices at thesame time. Built-in 6*USB port,2*12V socket, 2*12V DCand 4*Anderson input/output. The multi-function controlbox can be used as a power source for your laptop, mobilephone, audio equipment, cigarette lighter and otherelectronic devices when connected to a 12V/24V battery.

Multi-function Display

Intuitive and clear battery voltage display, you can monitor battery status and voltage at any time.

Make Remote ChargingDischarging Easy

For outdoor work, camping, self-driving travel and otheractivities. DC control box can be moved for remote equippower supply, to achieve convenient electricity.

Compact Size,Perfect for Qutdoor

Easy to make a DC power station viaDC control box, Compact size,portable and handy.

Back Slide Design

With the back slide design, DC control boxcan be mounted at any angle or used portably via theextension cord provided. Light in weight, small in sizecompact in design, easy to carry, it is an ideal partnerfor camping life or RV life. Simply connect it to thebattery and then plug in your devices to use!

Easy to Connect

Plug and play design with Anderson connectors as input/output.connecting with battery terminals by the other end,to make a DC power station.


Model LI-DC1
Voltage 12V/24V
Case material ABS
DC outlet 4 x 50A Anderson input/output
2 x USB 2.4A
2 x QC3.0, 18W
2 x PD, 45W
2 x 12V 10A cig socket
2 x 5A DC port
Dimension(mm) L250*W90*H63
Weight(Kg) 0.9
LI-DC1 Detail Display

4 x screws
1 x User Manual
1 x DC Control Box
1 x 50A Anderson Connector
1 x 5M Anderson- M8 Extension Cable

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