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LI-BM500 (1)
LI-BM500 (4)
LI-BM500 (3)
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For different types of batteries, different voltages, new and old batteries, in order to better and easier to understand the use of the battery state and remaining capacity information, we developed these advanced battery monitors. Combined with complex software algorithms, we collect and calculate the voltage and current of a battery and display it with simple numbers and icons. Compared with other similar products on the market, LI-BM500 has the following advantages: Easy to program
Clear display interface and operation interface, combined with four physical buttons, easily set capacity, maximum voltage, minimum voltage, capacity alert to meet different needs.
Meanwhile, download the Android or IOS APP to do fast and easy settings.
Easy to install
Clear installed diagram, clear at a glance. The installation card with the monitor makes the installation hole position simple and clear.
Wireless, smart and simple
With the Bluetooth connection, to monitor the battery information on Android or IOS APP.


LI-BM500 smart battery monitor is designed for different kinds of batteries, to measure and monitor battery capacity, voltage, current and working time remaining. Color LCD screen combined with shunt is much easier to set up and use. Multiple parameters can be set to fully meet diverse usage needs. Android and IOS APP make it more convenient to know battery information.


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LI-BM500 Description

  • Suitableany battery type and size
    Suitable for various batteries, battery banks and power systems, facilitating better understanding of battery usage and enhancing user experience.
  • Monitor battery status
    Easy to know battery capacity, capacity percentage, voltage, current, power and time remaining.
  • Easy to install
    Clear installed diagram, easy to mount. The mounting indicator card makes the installation simple and clear.
  • Easy to program
    Tap color LCD screen to set capacity, maximum voltage, minimum voltage, low capacity alarm, full charge calibration and LCD bright time, to meet different needs.
  • Wireless, smart and simple
    With Bluetooth connection, to monitor and set battery information via Android APP or IOS APP.
  • High applicability
    Wide voltage range: 10V – 120V; Wide capacity range: 10 – 1000Ah; 500Amps quick connect shunt with PCB, detecting high current charging and discharging.


Model LI-BM500
Supply voltage range 10 – 120 VDC
Battery capacity range 10 – 1000.0 Ah
Max measured current 500 A
Current consumption ≤ 0.15 A
Voltage accuracy ±1 %
Current accuracy ±1 %
Capacity accuracy ±1 %
Temperature range -20°C – +50°C
Communication Bluetooth, RS485
Weight (LCD screen) 125*80*21 mm
Dimension (LCD screen) 110g
Protection class IP20
Standards EN 62368-1:2014+A11:2017
EN 50663:2017
ETSI EN 301 489-1 V2.2.3(2019-11)
ETSI EN 301 489-17 V3.2.4(2020-09)
ETST EN 300 328 V2.2.2(2019-07)
FCC Part15.247
ANSI C63.10:2013
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