Li Power uses A-class monocrystalline cells, & SUNPOWER cells imported from the United States, with high efficiency of photoelectric conversion. Durable, 10 years product quality guarantee, 25 years linear power guarantee; High strength aluminum alloy or woven borders, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, radiation resistance, long life; Integrated MPPT or PWN controller, plug and play is convenient. Flexible customization, support 300W and above solar folding panels, etc. Complete set of accessories, economic value, ready to use.

Li Power outdoor solar folding products is portable & high efficiency, fully meet the outdoor power demand. Features as follows:

  • Using SUNPOWER solar cells imported from USA, the energy conversion efficiency is 60% higher than that of traditional silicon solar panels;
  • Installed each controller on the back of each folding panel, PWN or MPPT based on demand;
  • High strength fixed frame and bracket, waterproof anti-UV with long life;
  • 9 smart protection: overvoltage protection, short circuit protection, overcurrent protection, overpower protection, overload protection, temperature protection, overcharge protection, reverse protection, electrostatic protection
  • High quality handbag, safe and portable;
  • Quite easy to use and install.
Outdoor folding solar panel 02

The specification of some photovoltaic modules & solar blankets:

Folding module LFS-F4-200W LFS-F4-240W LFS-F4-300W LSB-160W LSB-200W
Encapsulation Glass/EVA/Cell/Backsheet ETFE/EVA/Cell/EVA/Backsheet
Maximum Power Pmax 200W 240W 300W 160W 200W
Maximum Power Voltage(Vmp) 18V 18V 18V 18V 18V
Maximum Power Current(Imp) 11.11A 13.33A 16.67A 8.89A 11.11A
Open Circuit Voltage(Voc) 21.24V 21.24V 21.24V 21.24V 21.24V
Short Circuit Current(Isc) 12.22A 14.67A 18.33A 9.78A 12.22A
Cell Efficiency 18.00% 18.00% 18.00% 18.00% 18.00%
Dimension 668x2360x30mm 668x2620x30mm 770x2672x30mm 1898x859x25mm 2108x872x25mm
Dimension when folded 668x590x70mm 668x655x70mm 770x668x70mm 427x380x60mm 467x434x60mm
Weight 20.6kg 24.2kg 27.8kg 5.1kg 6.3kg
Tolerance ±3%
Max System Open circuit Voltage 1000V
Controller PMW/MPPT
Operate Temperature Range -40℃ ~ +85℃
Relative Humidity 0~100%

Warranty: 3-year for glass folding panel, 1-year for solar blanket and flexible solar panel

Glass folding panel to ensure 3 years of 90% nominal power and 10 years of 80% nominal power; The solar blankets and flexible panels guarantee 3 years of 90% nominal power and 5 years of 80% nominal power.

High quality packaging

High quality carton packaging of single product, 6 sides filled with foam all-round protection to ensure the safe delivery.