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High Quality Pure Sine Wave Inverter China Suppliers & Manufacturers

Pure sine wave inverter, MPPT controller, high power battery charger

Pure sine wave inverter, using advanced sine wave modulation technology, high power, convert 12V/24V/48V DC from battery into 110V/220V AC, 90% or more of power conversion rate. High quality pure sine wave inverter can drive any kind of load, the corresponding technical requirement and cost is high, widely used in solar power systems, the other new energy storage systems, household appliances & auto equipment system etc. Features as follows:

Input & output fully insolated

  • High Surge: high surge current capability starts difficult loads such as TVs, camps, motors and other inductive loads,
  • Grounding Protection: there is terminal in front panel, Soft start: smooth start-up of the appliances.
  • Pure sine wave output waveform: clean power for sensitive loads.
  • AC output identical to, and in some cases better than the power supplied by your utility
  • Cooling fan in the inverter is thermally activated and comes on when the inverters becomes warm, and turns off automatically after the inverter has cooled.
  • Low total harmonic distortion: below 3

Two LED indicators on the front panel shows the working and failure state.

Main features of MPPT controllers as follows:

  • Exclusive controller for Lithium Battery, which suit for ternary Lithium, LiFePo4 battery, Lithium cobalt oxides battery, etc.
  • Supporting 12V lithium battery, can activate lithium battery automatically.
  • Adopts MPPT charging method, which supports the Voc of solar panel≤40V; Pmax of solar panel ≤100W
  • Lithium battery low temperature charging protection, when the ambient temperature is lower than 0℃, the controller will auto stop low temperature charging so as to protect the battery.
  • With step-up constant current source for output, which can drive 12 LEDs in series, the Maximum power of load can reach up to 60W.
  • Three induction stages design. Working time can be set range from 0h to 15hours, power range from 0~100%.
  • Sensitive time delay can be set range from 0s~250s.
  • Record system status, can record at a max 7days and monitor the whole system.
  • The true constant current but not limited the current, insure the current output stability thus decrease LED light failure, increase the LED service life.
  • Metal case, IP68 waterproof degree, can be used in all kinds of bad conditions.
  • Overheat protection function, when the controller reaches a certain temperature, it will decrease or close the load.
  • Varies system protection. Including the battery reverse connection, LED short circuit, open circuit protection and so on

High power charger, 5A, 7A, 12A, 20A charges to meet various demands for VRLA battery & LiFePo4 battery. Features as follows:

Fully automatic 8-section charging switch;

  • A variety of batteries (open battery, AGM battery, gel battery, etc.) compatible, and lithium battery special charger;
  • The 8 stages are: Soft Start、Bulk、Absorption、Analyse 、Completion、Maximization、 Float And Maintain.
  • High power, high energy efficiency, comprehensive protection of battery;
  • Multiple protection, reverse connection protection, output short circuit protection, no-load protection, over voltage protection, over temperature protection, etc.
  • Applicable battery capacity range is wide, 10ah-250ah;



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