Are you looking for an efficient and effective portable power station to facilitate your outdoor camping experience? Nowadays, different companies have provided thousands of power stations options, but for you to get the best one you have to work with a reputable company. China Power Station Factory turns out one of the best suppliers of portable power stations that guarantees adequate power supply. Li Power has years of technological experience in meeting power consumption demands by supplying portable and convenient power stations for all outdoor gadgets. Li Power promises to reach your destination without your electronics appliances or devices going off by making sure that your car battery power is always catered. Here are some tips and guides which proves that Lithium Portable Power Station Suppliers are the best and why you should opt their great 960 Lithium power station for your outdoor activities.

1. Power station durability

Everybody needs a power source supply that can last for a long time in service. Everybody needs a power station that is able to withstand sunlight, snow and heavy rains during outdoor activities like camping. Li Power 960 Lithium Portable Power Station covers you in everything. This battery is built-in and has a large capacity for high-power consumption to meet all your camping needs. Besides, it has rich interfaces that will meet other needs.

2. Power station weight

When looking for the best power station, weight or size should be a key factor. Lithium Portable Power Station is lightweight enough to stock or carry all through your trip. Heavy gadgets can be tedious to carry around. This power station is sizeable and makes it easier to pack it and move around with. However, if you opt to use a large-sized one, Li Power got it. Just visit their shop or order online.

3. Storage battery

When using a power station you need battery storage for continuous power supply. The power is supposed to be stored to maintain the supply, especially when using it for a long time. You must ensure that the power station is working hand in hand with a battery from Quality Battery Manufacturer to conserve enough power especially when using solar-charged gadgets just in case sunlight is not sufficient. Li Power suppliers provide both portable power station and compatible battery.

960 lithium power station pack capacity is remarkable! The amount of energy it stores is larger compared to other ordinary power stations. It is able to supply a power of 960Wh which guarantees an effective flow of 80Ah current from a 12V output. As you can see we are talking about longevity of power supply to facilitate a fruitful outdoor experience.

4. What about the cooling system?

Kindly don’t doubt 960 lithium portable power station cooling system. It’s designed to facilitate an effective cooling environment when working. Its advancement allows delivering more power which requires less frequent charges. Everybody know that when using a car battery there is heat generation due to battery discharge.

Don’t be embarrassed by using an ordinary power station that isn’t able to maintain temperature difference on a working range with the battery. Li Power guarantees an effective cooling system at low temperature (-10 to 50. At this temperature, your power station can’t overheat.31 High quality 960 lithium battery

5. Power source features

A great power source provides power to many gadgets at a time meaning that the device should have several ports to make sure every device is charged on time. Li Power Lithium Portable Power Station comes with multi ports to enhance this. It has multi ports such as 4 * 50A Anderson plugs, 1 * 175A Anderson plugs, 2 * USB, 1 * AC output and 2 * cigarette lighter sockets.

Other great features it offers are optional UL94-0 strong ABS base, smart BMS, high-quality LiFePO4 cells, optional voltage sensitive relay, multi-functional display, pure sine wave built-in inverter (300W with optional 500W) and multi protection having inverter switch, main switch and fuse built-in.

Li Power has eased everything in terms of power supply and management, it’s up to you to realize Lithium Portable Power Station benefits. visit for more great deals!